Some people say:
“It is 5 minutes to 12 – for the Earth and for the environment”
I say:
“the situation on Earth has already tipped over – it is already 5 minutes after 12!
But – the good thing about 12 midnight is –
it is the beginning of a new day!”

So – let’s start afresh!

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The new book Prof. Declan Kennedy

At long last it has happened: the book “A Loving Uni-Verse – Poems and Reflections” by Prof. Declan Kennedy has seen the light of day. This collection of very personal poems and reflections, written over the last 10 years or so, is intended to be a impulse for the...

From above and between

It’s a feeling that is for another being Yes, intangible with no limitation I open my heart to a beautiful thought I go deeper within, willing, seeing No picking and choosing, no discrimination Music, harmony, beauty caught It’s love from above and between We often...

Loneliness and pursuit of happiness

I’m inclined to connecting with people. And then I still get the feeling I need to do things – and have time – for myself. I have to do something where I am very definitely Declan, and even if I am not doing it for myself, it’s still Declan doing it for others. Being...

I am mourning my friend Bill Mollison.

In 1981, my wife Margrit (+) and I got to know one of the most important approaches to networking environmental measures - from the individual house or smaller settlements to the planning of entire regions. A year later, we brought Bill Mollison from Australia to...

The Kennedy Library

For the last two years Margrit and I have been working on implementing a long-time plan: making all our publications available digitally on the web. We have now done it. You will find five decades of our books, articles, lectures and more in PDF-format on...

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