The Agricultural Convergence 19.-22.10.2023

PaLS Ltd. charitable is planning a new network in the organic farming scene and a large convergence event which will take place in Poland in October 2023. The initial focus will be on the close connections between the permaculture design system and biodynamic agriculture or anthroposophy and, beyond that, other ecological approaches.

The occasion is the 100th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s agricultural course which took place in Koberwitz (Kobierzyce, today’s Poland), Whitsun 1924. At this series of lectures on a large estate near Wroclaw, Rudolf Steiner urged farmers to adopt a biodynamic approach to agriculture. From this, the Demeter movement developed and spread all over the world.



The aim of this Convergence is to link biodynamic and permaculture practitioners more closely in order to develop practical solutions for climate-neutral agriculture in the years to come. It is particularly important for us that the focus is on agricultural practice. There will hardly be scientific or historical lectures, but rather an exchange, that is: listening to each other, learning from each other and inspiring each other, discussing methods, successes and failures. For this purpose, we will invite different practitioners from the fields of permaculture and biodynamic agriculture.

The event language is German, with Polish translation. The target group is people from Poland and the German-speaking area of Europe: (D – A – CH).

The Convergence will take place in October 2023 on a long weekend in the Youth Meeting Centre, Kreisau. Directly afterwards, 2-3 practical hands-on days will be held on Demeter and/or permaculture farms in the surrounding area in order to implement certain things directly and to gain initial experience. Above all, a network of people from the ecological movement is to be created.


Declan Kennedy, Ulrike Krum and Jörn Strauss

Phone  +49 5764 2158