My aims and objectives are

  • self-healing assistance and disease prevention through natural, spiritual and intuituve methods, both for people, cities and landscapes
  • positive thinking and action towards humankind and nature
  • mediation and active listening
  • introduction of complementary regional currencies
  • preservation and support of original nature areas
  • development of organic farming and forestry for regional food security,
  • particularly planting and use of renewal energy recources
  • practicing permaculture and eco-village design
  • assisting people to reach similar goals through action learning
  • circle dance – and fun

The need for security, esteem and love is the core of our present human experience. These needs are as fundamental as the needs for food and shetler, which represent the activities of the original permaculturalists: farming, hunting and settling. These needs created clothing, community, nations and education. What followed was science, travelling and communication technology, furniture and other man-made requisites, which nature had not supplied. This search for security, esteem and love has oriented our attention externally. This has almost become second-nature to us – and seems to have worked for a long time.

I contend that these same needs, striving continually to be met externally, can not fulfill our desires anymore. They just mirror survival tactics of former times. For their fulfillment, we look for new ways of life, for new relationships, for new concepts of community – living with higher objectives. Emotional and spiritual growth through action learning is now on the agenda.

Political Goals

Plebisites, Citizen Decision-Making and direct Democracy as well as long-term Politics – people can contribute actively and be asked their opinion in all matters, e.g.. the new constitution for Europe
A peaceful, tolerant World, in which the diversity of cultures and regions are recognized and enhanced clear and acountable guiding principles rather than a plethera of laws, regulations and rules.


Humankind knows already how to produce food and clothing. We do not, however, practice this knowledge worldwide. Billions of people live in poverty and suffer oppression, humiliation and brutality. To change these conditions, we need heart energy – and heart politics. This means learning to listen to others and practicing it, feeling into the pain and the joy of other people – and regarding their culture and their needs as we would our own.

Compassion and wisdom are products of spiritual growth. They cannot be centrally administered, mass produced nor globally distributed. They are not the outcome of party politics, but of personal intention, they are the fruits of extensive work on our selves – inner work. Spiritual development (looking inwards) slowly takes the place of the striving for external power (stretching outwards to manipulate and control as an answer to insecurity). Every stretch towards external power produces violence and destruction among people and nations. You only need to watch the ‘evening news’.

Our Universe will only remain intact by practising individual co-operation. Our Universe is the best example of co-laboration, of working together within a holistic system. Our Universe is our home.

Everything that the five senses can grasp is part of the School of the Earth – from the farthest star to the singular particles of atomic elements. In the past, we learned everything from the school of planet earth – to devine water, to produce food, to build solar architecture. We now have new techniques through permaculture and eco-social design, yes indeed, we have developed a new body of knowledge of practical things and how to design a way of living to include them all.

None of these abilities, however, can help us to develop ourselves. The direction changes 180 degress. After 20 years of permaculture, we learn – once again – to turn ourselves inside out, and we see something that we have never used before – our inner landscape. This is quite different: it shows us, what is behind our eyes, and that it is more important than what is before our eyes.

Some people say:
“It is 5 minutes to 12 – for the Earth and for the environment”
I say:
“the situation on Earth has already tipped over – it is already 5 minutes after 12!
But – the good thing about 12 midnight is –
it is the beginning of a new day!”

So – let’s start afresh!