In November 2021 Declan, Patrick Schulte and I visited Mallorca, Spain. Through Daniel Wahl and Mandy Merklein we connected to several people and places on the island, involved with permaculture.

The Los Círculos de la Permacultura at Son Barrina was one of the sites. There we were received with great hospitality from the community, got to know many of the people who are practicing and propagating permaculture and learned how they created a very lively permaculture network on Mallorca.

Many workshops are held at Son Barrina, as on the day of our visit. Declan took the chance to introduce the dance “The Earth Is Our Mother” to the participants. This dance was given to the permaculture community from the Hopis in 1986. There followed a discussion and an introduction to the international scene.

Here this video gives a brief impression about this visit and presents the association PermaMed (Permacultura Mediterránea).