Some people say:
“It is 5 minutes to 12 – for the Earth and for the environment”
I say:
“the situation on Earth has already tipped over – it is already 5 minutes after 12!
But – the good thing about 12 midnight is –
it is the beginning of a new day!”

So – let’s start afresh!

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Loneliness and pursuit of happiness

I’m inclined to connecting with people. And then I still get the feeling I need to do things – and have time – for myself. I have to do something where I am very definitely Declan, and even if I am not doing it for myself, it’s still Declan doing it for others. Being...

I am mourning my friend Bill Mollison.

In 1981, my wife Margrit (+) and I got to know one of the most important approaches to networking environmental measures - from the individual house or smaller settlements to the planning of entire regions. A year later, we brought Bill Mollison from Australia to...

The Kennedy Library

For the last two years Margrit and I have been working on implementing a long-time plan: making all our publications available digitally on the web. We have now done it. You will find five decades of our books, articles, lectures and more in PDF-format on...

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